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Video and image recognition
with deep learning powered AI models


State of art deep learning models running on the GPU cloud instances provides up to %99 accuracy in real life use cases!


Intenseye can analyze videos in real time while extracting most detailed information compared to other services.


Intenseye only uses object detection and tracking without face recognition. Only extracted anonymous data is stored.


You do not have to worry about scalability of the AI models, hardware dependencies and format restrictions anymore.

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Age & Gender
Body & Pose
Face Detection
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Deep learning based AI models running on the accelerated cloud GPU instances.

Intenseye provides state of the art AI models for video and image processing. State of art implementations of the latest development in the field of computer vision and deep learning will always be available as video and image recognition APIs.

  • 80+ object recognition and tracking
  • Anonymous detection
  • Real-time crowd analytics
  • Scalable and cost effective
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Anonymous Recognition

We developed algorithms to track people
without using their biometric information.

%100 Anonymous

Intenseye extracts and records only anonymous information. Your images and videos are yours to keep. Intenseye does not store analyzed videos or images!

GDPR Compliant

Intenseye complies with heavy data protection regulations. You can safely integrate our APIs to analyze visual content and extract information

No Face Recognition!

We believe in detection. Not face recognition. Our artificial intelligence only detect objects and positions without getting biometric information!

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Intenseye APIs are currently used by several applications solving retail store analytics, outdoor advertising viewer breakdown, and occupational health & safety problems. We are analyzing billions of data points every month delivering up to %99,8 accuracy levels in real life use cases.




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