Get the most out of your video

Seamless APIs powered by the state of art deep learning technologies

Person Tracking

Track people appearing in your video, integrate your applications and take actions based on object position.

Gender Analysis

Analyze and understand gender distribution in your video for a wide variety of retail analytics and smart city uses cases.

Age Range

Intenseye provides your application with age analysis of the person objects with the help of high accuracy facial analysis

Emotion Recognition

Intenseye Deep Neural Network AI models can capture the insights about emotional status change the person objects in your video.

Pathways and Dwell Analysis

With Inteseye path analysis, visualise object movement paths and analyse their dwelling time to enhance your application.


See how objects interact with their environment. Intenseye algorithms can also visualize pose estimations and extract body part positions.

Intenseye can power any kind of video analytics application.

Our APIs and dashboards are providing core value to more than half of the vertical market segments.

Smart City Solutions

Smart city applications are touching our daily lives more than ever. Intenseye will power and create many use cases with video analysis.

Retail and Consumer Analytics

Intenseye can help brick and mortar businesses with extensive analytics to win the competition against their online rivals.

Traffic & Transportation

Intenseye can detect and analyze vehicles. Understanding and optimizing traffic will be the challenge for many optimization practice.

Intenseye Principles

Intenseye artificial intelligence APIs gathers actionable video analytcis data from your video input. You can view visualised meaningful metrics on intiutive dashboards or implement custom applications in a most simple and elegant way.

No Special Format is Required

Intenseye can analyse any video you can provide. Source can be standard security camera or your cell phone footage.

Privacy is our priority

Intenseye algorithms are extracting data from video without violating privacy. We are not recording faces or binding any personal information to data.

Saving money and time!

Do not waste your resources. Make timely and accurate decisions based on real data extracted from your videos.

Personalization for eveyone

Understand your entire data points. Prepare custom API calls and only pay for what you need.

API Response Samples

Intenseye detailed APIs here to power your business
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What technologies do we use?

Extracting computer-friendly data from hours and hours long video content is hard and expensive. But intenseye depends on it.

Intenseye is in beta right now.

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