Send API calls to Intenseye from hundreds of cameras around the city
and receive a real-time response

Crowd Analytics

Intenseye can track hundreds of objects and individuals in real time. Stream or upload videos and image to get detailed real-time API responses


Get real-time insight from city transportation hubs. Artificial intelligence powered video and image analytics will shape the future of cities.

Smart Search

In an average city each minute 10.000 hours of video recorded by surveillance cameras. With Intenseye APIs you can create smart search features.

Focus your business, not the deep tech

Do not spend years to implement and maintain computer visions solutions!

Privacy First

We developed algorithms to track people
without using biometric information.

%100 Anonymous

Intenseye extracts and records only anonymous information. Your visual content is yours to keep. Intenseye does not store analyzed videos or images!

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GDPR Compliant

Intenseye complies with heavy data protection requlations. You can safely integrate our APIs to analyze visual content and extract information

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No Face Recognition!

We believe in detection. Not face recognition. Our artificial intelligence only detect objects and positions without getting biometric information!

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