Get all information below as a simple API response
and built tailored retail analytics tools


Track objects and people in your video content, integrate your applications and take actions based on object position.


Analyze and understand gender distribution in your video for a wide variety of retail analytics and smart city uses cases.

Age Range

Get the age range prediction with the power of deep learning AI models trained on hundreds and thousands of images.

Emotion Recognition

Intenseye Deep Neural Network AI models can capture the insights about the emotional status in your videos and images.

Dwell Time

With Inteseye path analysis, visualize object movement paths and analyze their dwelling time to enhance your application.


See how objects interact with their environment. Intenseye algorithms can visualize pose estimations and extract body part positions.

Focus your business, not the deep tech

Do not spend years to implement and maintain computer visions solutions!

Privacy First

We developed algorithms to track people
without using biometric information.

%100 Anonymous

Intenseye extracts and records only anonymous information. Your visual content is yours to keep. Intenseye does not store analyzed videos or images!

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GDPR Compliant

Intenseye complies with heavy data protection requlations. You can safely integrate our APIs to analyze visual content and extract information

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No Face Recognition!

We believe in detection. Not face recognition. Our artificial intelligence only detect objects and positions without getting biometric information!

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