Generate instant warnings and reports in case of OHS violations
with real-time video analytics

Danger Zone

Track employee number on places like bridges and scaffolds, detect human presence above allowed height and control loading and shipment yards.

PPE Control

Control the required personal protective equipment usage on employees like hard hat and vest, detect short sleeved rule violation and many more.

Vehicle Rules

Detect and track different vehicles using IP cameras. Set the route borders for vehicles and pedestrians, monitor speed limits for each object.

Stairs and Bannisters

Track handrail usage in the stair zone. Set specific areas about where to hold or walk, the maximum number of people allow rules on the dangerous zones.

Quality Control

Recognize actions in the workstations, return how well they are performed by machine operators, give real-time feedback for better quality production lines.


With anonymous facial analysis, get the attention and emotional status of the machine operators. Take action in case of distraction to prevent accidents.

Focus your business, not the deep tech

Do not spend years to implement and maintain computer visions solutions!

Privacy First

We developed algorithms to track people
without using biometric information.

%100 Anonymous

Intenseye extracts and records only anonymous information. Your visual content is yours to keep. Intenseye does not store analyzed videos or images!

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GDPR Compliant

Intenseye complies with heavy data protection requlations. You can safely integrate our APIs to analyze visual content and extract information

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No Face Recognition!

We believe in detection. Not face recognition. Our artificial intelligence only detect objects and positions without getting biometric information!

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